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          1. About Us

                 Hangzhou 3Star Craftwork Glass Co., Ltd.founded in 1985,which is ahigh-tech enterprise specializing in manufacturing glass bottles for cosmeticsand providing packaging solutions for the whole cosmetic packaging materials.

            Since its inception, 3Star has been deeply rooted in the “glass bottle forcosmetics” segment. For decades, we have always insisted on producing only “glassbottles for cosmetics.”We have accumulated rich industry experience in terms offormulation, melting, molding technology, quality assurance, industrial design andinnovation.

            After years of research investment and technology upgrade, 3Star new glassmelting kiln, which was put into production in early 2018, adoptsinternationally advanced oxy-combustion, with 100 tons of glass per day, whichcan further reduce emissions and energy consumption while further increasingproduction capacity. . The practical application of many environmentalprotection and energy-saving technologies such as waste heat utilization andbiochemical wastewater treatment has enabled the company to make certaincontributions to industry development and social responsibility while adoptingvarious environmental protection standards.

            The company has 9 automatic glass bottle production lines, and has a numberof glass bottle finishing lines for painting, printing, frosting,electroplating, labeling, etc., which can provide customers with all thetechnical processes that can be realized on glass packaging materials. Amongthem, the glass bottle frosting process has the international advancedtreatment process.

            More than 550 employees, with automatic inspection equipment imported, witha glass laboratory. It has passed ISO-9001 quality system certification andISO-14000 environmental system certification, and has the right to self-export.Product quality, physical and chemical indicators have met EU qualitystandards.

            Adhering to the "artisan spirit" and creating a "100-yearenterprise" is 3Star 's corporate goal. We will continue to cultivate andinnovate and follow the industry with a more professional and continuouslyupgraded manufacturing level, higher quality and stable quality and service.The enterprise tenet of “careful service, meticulous manufacture” providesbetter and more stable cosmetic packaging materials for domestic and foreigncustomers!

            Hangzhou 3 Star Craftwork Glass Co.,Ltd.
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